Jackson Creek Farm for Sale


email: sick@sick.fm

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Old youtube videos: https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=jackson+creek+farm

Explore the property on Google earth: https://earth.google.com/web/search/897+Line+13+North,+Hawkestone,+ON

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Bewarned that the house is a total mess with living there for 14 years. Major cleaning neccessary inside and out. Landscaping cleanup will also be required,

House workshop and barn built in the 1970s.

98 acres 10 minutes from West St and highway 11.

15 acres farmable. 15 acre meadow.

Rest environmentally protected, heavy bush with horse or atv riding trails.

A large pond out front. One huge artisan pond in back with concrete damn (currently being maintained by beavers).

That pond is feed by artisan source upstream, cold water trout.

The stream/creek from the pond follows through the middle of the property.

A natural pond is also near the meadow.

House will require cleaning up and minor repairs.

Selling cause we are down sizing.

2 bedrooms upstairs, 1 downstairs but with renos it can be 2 down stairs.

2 bathrooms, one upstairs and on the one downstairs will need work but functions.

About 1100 sq ft upstairs and again downstairs not including the 2 car garage attached.

Lots of real wood paneling.

Huge 2 story modern barn (brick with metal roof) with work space and 3 horse stalls.

2 car workshop.

Walk out basement.

Back balcony overlooking the back pond running the entire length of house.

New roof a couple of years ago on house and workshop.

Water source for house is from artisan well.

Tubing from well to house failed a few years ago. New tube drilled underground at at cost of $10,000 good for 150 years.

Best water you ever tasted.

5 year old high efficiency wood burning fireplace in basement. Antique wood stove in kitchen. Living room heated with fireplace propane heat. Bedrooms are electric.

New garage doors and openers 8 or so years ago.

Drone flyover